Paul Seiferth — President & Owner

I have been the President & Owner of Terra Travel for the last 15 years. We started out with two locations, grew it to four and have now downsized back to two. I have personally escorted a number of our groups around the world to Alaska, Hawaii, Tahiti, Ireland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Greece. I have also traveled to many parts of the world learning about cultures and destinations. We have started the “Modern Seven Wonders of the World Travel Club” and over the next couple of years focusing on visiting the seven destinations. My goal is to have satisfied clients traveling the world. Email:

Terra Travel - Mesa Location Map

Terra Travel Mesa

1914 S. Power Road Ste 109

Mesa, AZ 85206

toll-free: 1 (800) 678-2102
local: (480) 820-0701
fax: (480) 820-4143

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Terra Travel - Phoenix Location Map

Terra Travel Phoenix

13466 N. 7th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85022

toll-free: 1 (800) 835-8646
local: (602) 375-1707
fax: (602) 375-2715

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