Client Testimonials

Pam T.
Mesa AZ

Cristina booked us into some beautiful and fantastic hotels and condos. It was a wonderful vacation except for all the rain which Cristina had no control over. The views from our windows was marvelous. We could not have stayed in any better places.

Byron P.
Gilbert AZ

My wife and I planned a vacation. These peeps hooked me up. They gave us a great place to stay, a fair price and memories to last a lifetime. I highly recommend Terra Travel and I also have recommended them to my friends and family. Thanks!

Nora M.

We returned Wed, May 7th.  It was an amazing trip!  People there were very nice.  The resort was beautiful.  Entertainment every nite which I loved.  2 thumbs-up for this trip and I have been on many. Would love to take my family with us next time.

Danny D.

This (video of Frankie Ford performing Sea Cruise on American Bandstand) will take you back to some KOY Cruises we took together thanks to my pals at Terra Travel! I used this in all the commercials!

Linda D.

I want to give a BIG shout out to Terra Travel and Paul Seiferth!! They have worked tirelessly to book my “perfect” family vacation to the Dominican Republic for the summer. Thanks so much! You guys ROCK!!

Donna V.

The Travel Agency (Terra Travel) arranged for travel by train to Venice & hotel in Venice as an add-on after we took a group tour with family. (We) met with travel consultant, Carrie Jensen, who listened to our request & put together a great travel package to Venice, which was a great way to end our trip!

Chris D.

Paul (Terra Travel) is super knowledgeable and friendly. He offers awesome advice on sights and helps to set a budget based on our travel desires and needs. He is very responsive and everything went without a hitch from the time we left to the minute we arrived back home. Will and have used Terra Travel since.

Cheryl & Gregg

Terra Travel has arranged many trips for us and our family & friends to Hawaii, Florida & several cruises.Great service especially from agent Jill McCarthy. Highly recommend them!

Christy K.

Pam in the Phoenix office is wonderfully detailed and quality thinking. She makes my travel dreams happen. I have booked through her many times and always have a perfect trip. She’s fun to work with too. She cares about me and the quality of her work. I highly recommend her. Thank you

Jason H.

It was such pleasure to work with Pam. I loved that Pam went above and beyond to book us a few things that we didn’t know we could get. She really took the time to explain all our options, where our cabin was, and so much more. Booking online I would have never had any idea what I was working with. I was very happy with their service!


Not only have I received great customer service from them (Terra Travel), but will continue to book with them. Unlike other agencies they take the time to go over packages, and aren’t quick to send you home clueless. Last year Gloriane (arranged) a honeymoon package to Jamaica that both my wife and I will remember forever. GREAT JOB TERRA TRAVEL, GREAT JOB GLORIANE.


Paul Seiferth was very helpful and professional

Jan L.

Fun Trips – We have been very happy with Judith & Wayne Konz of Terra Travel in Mesa. They always find the best cruises and make sure everything is in order so we have nothing to worry about